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Terry's novel, Identities, is now available in Paperback
as well as for your iPad, Kindle, and other reading devices!

Geared toward the young adult audience, this book about three children who find themselves caught in a web of mystery and the supernatural has been read by adults who have compared it to a cross between "To Kill A Mockingbird" and "Underworld." You can order the paperback book or download the eBook to your reader instantly by going to Terry's Storefront at

Terry Ellis wins 2nd Place in the 'Written in Blood ' Writing Contest from

"Congratulations! 'First Days of Summer' (the first chapter of Terry's novel Identities) has been awarded 2nd Place in the 'Written in Blood ' Writing Contest. Your story was of an amazingly high standardand if you are interested in publishing with me, contact me. You were just piped at the post and there was nothing between 1st and 2nd in quality of writing. You only miss first place by a whisker and I spent more time deciding than I did editing for two days. It is a great story and you totally nailed the childlike dialogue."

Terry Kay Ellis is a resident of Dallas, TX and has been writing and painting for years. She has written a 96,000 word novel entitled Identities. After many years as an avid fan of both horror movies and novels, she found it only appropriate to continue that love through her own passion for writing. Drawing inspiration from such writers as Anne Rice, and movies such as the original "Dracula" movies, Terry decided to add her own twist to the already popular genre of paranormal mysteries. She has also authored many other works including short stories and poetry.

A mother of three children, all grown now, Terry first started painting childrens paintings of cartoon-like characters. She later moved on to Scenes, Portraits, and finally into abstract art.

Ms Ellis currently works a full-time job, cares for her husband, writes, paints, exercises and is always seeking inspirations for new works of art and literature. Some of her works will be posted here in the near future.

You can contact Terry by clicking HERE.

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