Dogs with red eyes, children with fangs, people disappearing... something odd was happening in the town of Anderson. The trip to the legendary burned-down church was supposed to be a typical, harmless adventure during the lazy summer of 1955. However, for Terry Kay and her older brother Ronnie, the trip marked the beginning of their heroic fate. Purchase the Paperback or Download the eBook to your iPad, Kindle or other reading device, today!


Blind Love, Terry's first novel, is one of mystery and suspense, harkening back to days of Alfred Hitchcock.
She has written suspenseful short stories entitled "Don't Go Out After Dark", "From Within", and "To Have and to Have Not".
Her poems entitled "2008", "Anguish", "Hope", "Poets", and "The Destructionist" deal with varied themes as is visible by their titles.

Terry's latest work is shown here. It is a poem for someone very near and dear to her family.


Brown eyes as large as almonds,
a smile so sweet and sincere,
a love for all,
not an angry word for any and all that draw near.
Not a thought for herself in her own agony and pain.
Reaching out with words of comfort
for those loved ones that will remain.
Hearts broken for their loss, but a cross they need not bare,
and none need despair.
Don't cry for Rea, the sweetness that abounds,
her love now spreads across the Universe.
I hope the words I've described in verse
Will give comfort in this time of care.

You can contact Terry by clicking HERE.


Cover artwork for Identities by John Ellis